PLAYBOOK: Run an Outreach Campaign

Now that you've watched the lesson, the best thing you can do is create an Email Outreach Campaign for each channel that you find applicable.

Do you need:

  1. First Customers - find them and persuade them with "Hand 2 Hand combat"
  2. Influencers - based on your market, win them over based on what they've promoted before
  3. Partners - build inroads into non-competitive companies that have your customers
  4. Press - get articles by building relationships
  5. Investors - earn investment if you need it by showing relevancy
  6. Sales - schedule discovery calls to qualify leads

To do this you'll have to:

  1. Identify Targets
  2. Find Contact info
  3. Craft enticing messaging
  4. Get meetings
  5. WIN

Use "Email Outreach" to be Charmingly Persistent and accomplish your objectives!

REMINDER: Every business I've grown or helped grow from $0 - $1M in sales has started with Email Outreach.

Here is the manual you can follow:

Please post questions in the FB group or email me if it's super specific ([email protected])

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